Mayford Hall beat Merrow 82-51.

Hills, Bourne and Cousins lost 22-10 against Short, Mackrell and Davis. Walker, Merritt and Basgallop beat Foster, Mead and Burburry 25-8. Cousins, Hills and Hopkins beat Wood, Haller and Ewins 26-10. Laffey, Ferraro and Hames beat Whittaker, Mead and Eaton 21-11.

Action from a Mayford Hall Bowls Club match
Action from a Mayford Hall Bowls Club match (Mayford Hall Bowls Club)

The captain versus the president match was won 63-57 by the captain’s team. Bourne, Bourne and Boarer beat Cousins, Hardwick and Newton 19-7. Wormald, Ferraro and Hopkins drew 14-14 against Johns, Hills and Taylor. Nicholls, Merritt and Boarer lost 19-15 against Arabin-Jones, Blake and Basgallop. Laffey, Hames and Cousins lost 17-15 against to Hills, Morris and Hames.