King Charles III is to continue as patron of Woking-based breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

As the former Prince of Wales, His Majesty first agreed to become the charity’s patron in 2004. The announcement that the King would continue his patronage was made to celebrate the first anniversary of his coronation.

His own views on integrated and holistic cancer care, ethical and environmental issues and the belief that everyone has their own potential for good health and well-being, are well known and fully align with the charity. Since His Majesty became a supporter of Walk the Walk, he has fully endorsed its ethos and values.

Founder and chief executive Nina Barough said: “I am thrilled that His Majesty King Charles III has agreed to continue as Walk the Walk’s patron – it is absolutely wonderful to have his royal seal of approval!

“Back in 2004, the King’s views on holistic and integrated cancer care were still not mainstream but were very much in line with our own.

“His opinions gave incredibly high profile backing to what Walk the Walk was attempting to achieve at the time – we continue to be very grateful for his support, which has helped our charity make such a difference to so many people over the years.”  

Walk the Walk is also passionate about encouraging women and men to become fitter and healthier and to take control of their own well-being.

The charity is best-known as the organiser of its flagship event the iconic MoonWalk fundraising events in London, Scotland and Iceland. It sees thousands of women and men take on a midnight marathon wearing the charities statement decorated bras, to raise awareness and money for the prevention, research and the emotional and physical care of those living with cancer. 

Last month, it raised more than £2 million from the London walk.