A THREE-LEGGED senior cat called Darwin is searching for a forever home where he will receive a lot of love.

The eight-year-old black and white shorthair is living at RSPCA Millbrook in Chobham while he looks for his new family.

The centre’s Debbie Pearce said: “Darwin is the best boy – that’s what we tell him every day.

“When Darwin arrived at Millbrook he was ever so scared. He would hide in bed, and hiss and spit at anyone who dared go near him.

“Over time, Darwin has built up a bond with the staff and volunteers he knows.

“He is still a bit wary of new people but is getting better every day. It is like he is a completely different cat from the scared boy who came in. 

“He now seeks out attention, is very chatty, waits for his dinner and likes to come out for an afternoon stroll round the cattery corridor. 

“He has just started getting on the laps of the staff he knows and enjoying a cuddle.

“Darwin is an-ex stray who looks like he has been round the block a few times.

“He has scars and a few rips in his ears, and he has only three legs.

“He had a bad injury when  he was found and his broken leg could not be saved. But do not let this put you off – we think it adds to his charm.

“Darwin is looking for a home where he will be the only pet. He needs to continue his progress in an environment with the least amount of stress. 

“We are happy to home Darwin with a family with secondary-school children, as long as they are calm, patient and understanding with him.”

If you are interested in providing a home for Darwin, visit www.rspca-millbrook.org.uk to complete an application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. 

Remember, though, that application does not guarantee adoption.