THE story about Pullinger’s bakery that featured in Peeps into the Past last month has prompted some great replies from readers.

The article came about following an email from John Pulllinger, who has been researching his family history.

He asked where Pullinger’s shop was in Woking town centre. It was in Chertsey Road, at the railway station end.

Since the story was published, readers have been in touch to provide some fascinating information. Jo Hutchings wrote: “I had a Saturday job there in the mid-1960s. It was a beautiful place, all polished wood and glass.

“There was a huge bakehouse at the back, a bakery shop and a cafe upstairs. I loved working there.”

Mick Adkin rang to say he remembers Mr Pullinger, who did a bread round in a blue van.

Lee Burnham added: “It was another interesting article which jogged my memory.

“I’m sure the bakery itself, not the shop, was based in Maybury Road, Woking. It was just past Kings Road, going towards the station.

“You could go to the entrance and they’d sell you fresh crusty rolls, etc, as early as 5.30am in the morning. And my wife remembers the Woking shop.”

The roots of the Pullinger family certainly go deep.

Jenny Mukerji said: “I am related to all of the Pullingers who have lived in Woking. One line of the Pullingers can be traced back to East Tisted in Hampshire and a marriage in 1634.

“The second marriage of their descendent, farmer Richard Pullinger, who married Eleanore Blanchard in 1701, links [Farnham baker] Frederick Pullinger’s family into my family tree, as Eleanore was the sister of my ancestor, John Blanchard.

“Frederick Pullinger has a grave in Brookwood Cemetery which is surrounded by many of his children and their descendants.

“Being from Farnham, I am more than aware of the family’s background in Farnham and other Pullingers who also lived there.

“My great grandmother, from Ropley in Hampshire, is related to the Pullingers who lived in and around Horsell. Some of them emigrated to Canada, but at least one appears on the Horsell war memorial.

“I knew the [Pullinger’s] bookshop/stationers in West Street, Farnham, and that Mr Pullinger well, as he was a customer at the bank where I worked. He is buried in West Street Farnham Cemetery next to many of his relatives. He never married, hence the winding down of the shop of his era.”

We have put John and Jenny in contact with each other so they can talk more about their family tree.

If you have some memories or old pictures relating to the Woking area, call David Rose on 01483 838960, or drop a line to the News & Mail.

David Rose is a local historian and writer who specialises in what he calls “the history within living memory” of people, places and events in the west Surrey area covering towns such as Woking and Guildford. He collects old photos and memorabilia relating to the area and the subject, and regularly gives illustrated local history talks to groups and societies. For enquiries and bookings please phone or email him at: [email protected]