A ST JOHN’S woman will represent the UK at the European Paragliding Accuracy Championship this week.

Myrianthe Ewington is one of a six-strong team bound for Sibiu in Romania to join 120 competitors from 29 countries. The competition runs from 2 to 10 September.

Paragliding accuracy involves landing on a target, with the score measured by the number of centimetres a competitor lands away from its centre.

The competition will be held over 12 rounds, weather permitting, with the winner compiling the lowest total score.

Competitors take off from the local hills and mountains to give themselves the initial height.

“We’re flying out early to get some final training so we understand the local conditions,” Myrianthe said.

“The venue is surrounded by hills and mountains, providing different take-off and launch possibilities depending on the wind direction.

“The team has been training hard over the past few months trying to maximise flying and ground training during the good weather while juggling work and family commitments.

“And the team has competed at recent national events to gain more competition experience.”

The UK team consists of Myrianthe, Andy Shaw, Matt Bignell, William Lawrence, Ben Woodcock and Tyron Paul, all of whom started their flying careers at Green Dragons Airsports in Woldingham, on the North Downs.

Andy, who is the team’s chief coach, has more than 40 years’ experience training students and is a previous winner at the Paragliding Accuracy World Championship.

“It has been a big help to have had sponsors for the team kit and training, including local chartered accountants, PG Fry & Company,” Myrianthe added.

This is not Myrianthe’s first taste of an international paragliding accuracy competition.

She was part of the UK team that finished 14th of the 32 competing nations in the world championship at Prilep, North Macedonia, last autumn, barely a year after taking up the sport.

“I have never seen someone progress so fast,” Andy Shaw said after the competition. “Well done, Myri.”

Myrianthe simply said: “I can’t wait to do it all again.”

Now she has her chance at the top level once again.