Today (July 10) is National Kitten Day (NKD) and the News and Mail wants you to send in the best picture of your beloved feline!

Whether you have a little furball that is only a few months old or a golden oldie, we want to hear from you. Pictures will be collated into one video to showcase our purrfect stars.

NKD is all about raising awareness around adopting kittens rather than buying them from the pet shop. They may be cute but won’t always find a home, as they can be abandoned or are strays which means they can become feral. 

People can celebrate the day through various ways:

  • Adopt or foster a cat or kitten
  • Volunteer at a cat shelter or centre
  • Spend time with your own cat
  • Make a donation to a cat charity
  • Raise awareness
  • Fundraise 

Please send pictures to [email protected] with the subject line ‘NKD picture’ by 5.30pm.