A beagle cross coonhound called Lola hopes you will look in her eyes and fall for her.

The three-year-old is living at RSPCA Millbrook in Chobham while she searches for her forever home.

Millbrook’s Debbie Pearce said: “Lovely Lola came to us after her owner moved and she was left with someone who did not want to keep her. 

“Lola is a really sweet girl and loves everyone she meets. She enjoys nothing more than fuss and attention.

“She is a typical hound and always has her nose to the ground. She is not very interested in coming back when she is called because she is always on a scent.

“Lola would benefit from a home that has had hounds before. Otherwise, research into the breed would need to be done by potential new owners as Lola will require a lot of mental stimulation, with search/scent activities. 

“She can be strong on the lead. So she will need an owner who is physically able to hold her on the lead and give her the exercise that she needs. 

“Due to Lola not having very good recall, she will need to stay on the lead when she is out. For this reason, she will need a large private garden with secure 6ft fencing for off-lead play.

“Lola loves playing with other dogs. So she could live with a neutered dog, depending on introductions done at the centre. 

“She could live with children aged 12 and above. We could go lower, depending on the experience the children have had with dogs previously. She could live with a bold cat that is used to dogs.

“Lola will need someone based at home and then will require a slow build-up to being left for periods. 

“She may need a refresher in house training and car travel training. She would benefit from attending reward-based training classes.”

If you are interested in providing a home for Lola, visit www.rspca-millbrook.org.uk to complete an application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. 

Remember, though, that application does not guarantee adoption.