A man has been jailed after subjecting a woman to a campaign of stalking and domestic abuse including breaking into his former partner's home while she was asleep and strangling her.

Jake Alexander, 31, was found guilty of stalking, non-fatal strangulation and perverting the course of justice at Guildford Crown Court and sentenced to one year and ten months behind bars on Wednesday, November 15.

Over the course of their two-year relationship, the survivor tried to break up with him over 50 times, but Alexander refused to accept the decision and instead began stalking her by consistently calling, messaging, emailing and arriving at her home address to try and prevent breaking up.

He broke into her home several times including whilst she was sleeping, where he would steal her belongings and then later return them in a bid for attention. In a few instances, the stalking turned to violence when he strangled her.

Since December 2022, Alexander has had bail conditions not to contact the survivor, which he repeatedly ignored. He would call numerous times on a no caller ID, begging her to not speak to the police. He even offered her £1,000 to not speak to the police or give a statement. Alexander was remanded and has remained in prison since March.

Following the outcome from the court, the survivor has been given a five-year restraining order against Alexander.

Investigating Officer Charlotte Barrett said: “Alexander subjected the survivor to an abusive and controlling relationship, of which his actions have had a significant impact on her. The survivor in this case has been extremely brave in coming forward and supporting the investigation.

“I hope this sentence will go some way in providing closure to the survivor of this case. Surrey Police takes all reports of domestic abuse and stalking seriously. If you suspect that someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, or if you’re experiencing domestic abuse yourself, please reach out to us.”

Surrey Police has specialist support for survivors in place throughout the investigation and court process. If you aren’t ready to speak to officers, reach out to one of the Surrey-based charities who can offer sanctuary and practical, as well as emotional, support.

There is a range of information on Surrey Police's website, including: