THE local dog-owning community helped lead the way when a distress call went out regarding a runaway dog.

Lesley Woodhams, from Worplesdon, appealed for help with a message on the Nextdoor web forum last week.

“My new dog, a lurcher called Luna with a pink coat, was spooked near the Jolly Farmer on Whitmore Common and she bolted, dragging her extension lead behind her,” she said.

“Please try to catch her and hold on to her for me. She is very timid and scared of most dogs.

“I have only had her 10 days and she does not know the area. She has been chipped but not yet registered with a local vet.”

Some people were quick to send messages of support, and others went out to search the common with their own dogs.

But Helen Smith, from Brookwood, remembered her friend had picked up a stray dog. And Natalie Proud, also from Brookwood, was able to confirm that Luna was safe.

“I took her to the vet,” she said. “She is fine. No lead though.

“Found her trotting towards Mayford in the road,” Natalie added. “Several people stopped but she was nervous. Jumped into my car though. She’s a sweetie. Really glad to know she is going to go home.”

Luna back home, looking none the worse for her adventure.   (Picture supplied)

A relieved Lesley, who confessed to feeling panic-stricken, thanked everyone for their help. She was soon able to collect Luna from the vets in Knaphill, and shared a picture of the lurcher back home, looking none the worse for her adventure.

“This is wonderful,” Lesley said. “Thanks to all the kind people out there, we are reunited.”

Along with messages of congratulations that Luna was safe and sound – “A happy ending for a nice change,” said Celia Clarke from Mayford – the online community was also happy to suggest harnesses and leads that might prevent her taking off again, as well as a variety of parks and enclosed fields where dogs can run off lead.