A Chobham man has given pride of place in his home to a sofa that appeared on the cover of music legend George Michael’s final studio album.

David Huse, who has lived in the village for 28 years, already has a collection of memorabilia from the rock group Queen, including a guitar signed by the band’s guitarist and local resident Sir Brian May.

David was browsing an online auction with the aim of adding to his collection when he spotted the white leather sofa on which Michael is sitting on for the cover of his multimillion-selling 2004 album Patience.

The sofa came with a CD of the album signed by the singer and a copy of one of the platinum discs awarded. Also included was a certificate of authenticity showing that the sofa had originally been sold in 2012 at the Emeralds & Ivy ball, hosted by Ronan Keating in aid of Cancer Research.

David’s bid of £1,600 was accepted, but the items were a little worse for wear.

He used Easels Picture Framing in Chobham to create a display for the platinum disc and signed CD cover and then turned his attention to the sofa.

“It was in a very poor state,” he said.

“It had been well used. A few people I showed it to didn’t think it could be restored and would have to be recovered, which would have been a real shame.”

He contacted the Leather Repair Company in Hull and asked if they could restore the sofa.

Richard Hutchins, from the company, said: “David sent photographs. The sofa was faded, and there were dirt marks, lipstick and dog hairs. They added to the intrigue and also to the challenge, but we knew we could do it so we asked him to bring it in.”

Richard and his wife and business partner Carolynne spent months working on the sofa, with David delighted with the result.

“It is ubelievable, amazing,” he said.

“It’s much more than I expected because I remember exactly what it was like when I bought it. The transformation is like night and day!

“It cost £1,500 and was worth every penny.”

Carolynne said: “It was a fascinating and painstaking project. 

“We did find ourselves wishing the sofa could talk. What stories it might be able to tell.”

David’s eldest son plays the piano in the family music room, where the sofa is on display.

David is semi-retired, having worked at Procter & Gamble’s UK base in Weybridge, and was appointed OBE for his work on the 2012 Olympics volunteer programme.

He led the work to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015.

David, who was chair of Neighbourhood Watch UK for three years, is working on a crime prevention project with the University of Surrey and Surrey Police.

But his lifelong passion remains music, which began as a Queen fan while at school in the 1970s.

“I first saw them at the Brighton Centre in 1979, then I spent most of my university years seeing them in concert as many times as possible,” he said.

“I met them twice; they were very friendly and happy to chat.”

David is asking News & Mail readers for help with his record collection, especially his 168 versions of Queen’s 1981 Greatest Hits album.

“It was in the days when each country could print and release their own versions,” he said.

“Most of them I bought myself when on holiday or business trips. My favourite memory was of the smallest of record shops in Zimbabwe and he had a version.

“I need a copy from Nigeria, so perhaps one of your readers can help.”