CHOBHAM have expressed concern about the plight of level-six clubs who are unable to fulfil fixtures.

The Scarlet & Golds voiced fears after their scheduled opponents last Saturday (November 11), Leighton Buzzard, conceded the Regional Two Thames clash because they could not raise a team.

The Bedfordahire club are bottom of the table and now have -15 points. 

They have scratched three of their nine fixtures so far this season, including the November 4 tussle with Grasshoppers.

And they have lost all of the fixtures they did fulfil.

Chob were looking to build on the momentum generated by their impressive home victory over Hemel Hempstead on November 4 by chalking up a success against Buzzard.

Although the Surrey Heath outfit took five points from  the walkover, the situation gave the Fowlers Wells outfit little pleasure.

Villagers’ director of rugby Harry Norman-Walker said: “Leighton Buzzard were unable to field a team and gave us an away walkover and a five-point win.

“All of us at Chobham are concerned that this is happening at level six. 

“The RFU league administrator and constituent bodies are looking to support Leighton Buzzard and similar clubs in ensuring this isn’t an ongoing problem. 

“On Wednesday last week, the RFU Merit Table administrators met at Twickenham.

“As a constituent body they’re trying to address the lack of games and, therefore, players missing out. 

“Even though week in, week out I moan about the number of games in the South East being postponed or cancelled, it was interesting to hear that Surrey, as a constituent body, are the second most successful county, percentage wise, across the country for games actually happening.”

Chobham’s walkover against Buzzard lifted them up to fourth place in the table.

But after the rest of the round-nine matches were played, the Scarlet & Golds had slipped to sixth spot.

Next up for Chob is a Regional Two Thames tussle at home to West London side Old Priorians on Saturday (November 18).