WOKING Borough Council will present its Improvement and Recovery Plan at two significant meetings this month before it goes to government as the authority’s three-month progress report.

It will be considered by the Overview And Scrutiny Committee on Monday (August 14) before going to full council on August 22.

The overview and scrutiny meeting is an opportunity for all councillors to ask questions and fully understand the plan before it is debated at the full council meeting.

The plan carries the stirring three-year vision that: “We will be known as one of the most-improved councils in the country. 

“We’ll be financially resilient, driven by data and effective and efficient in everything we do. Trusted by residents, guided by councillors, supported by businesses and partners with staff who are proud to work here.”

In her foreword, council leader Ann-Marie Barker writes: “There will be substantial change over the next five years to the services council delivers to residents as it becomes a smaller, leaner council focused on delivering core services to residents. We are committed to becoming a council that lives within its means.”

And there lies the uncertain path to that shining future, which will seem a long way off to those hundreds of council employees at risk of redundancy and with the residents’ survey of potential service cuts yet to be thoroughly assessed.

As Cllr Barker says: “However uncomfortable the future will be, we are focused on delivering this plan, which we know is necessary to achieve financial stability.”

Josh Brown, councillor for Byfleet and West Byfleet and chair of the Overview And Scrutiny Committee, said: “It is vital these plans and documents are scrutinised in full so that council makes informed decisions that can be tracked and monitored. 

“I should also add that if any resident has a question regarding the Improvement and Recovery Plan, I would be more than happy to ensure they are addressed at the meeting and would encourage them to contact me to ensure that it is addressed.”

Cllr Brown can be contacted at [email protected]