THE new Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park launched last week, giving hundreds of guests the chance to tackle a variety of obstacles and discover their inner ninja.

Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard, co-presenters of the popular Ninja Warrior TV show, were on hand to welcome visitors, and spent several hours chatting with fans and posing for photos.

“What’s wonderful with the way they’ve designed the park here is that it’s really close to what you see on the real course, so people can practise all the moves the ninjas need,” said Ben.

The new adventure park on Thornbury Way at Guildford’s Slyfield industrial estate features a mix of obstacles arranged in TV-show inspired courses, plus an enormous inflatable arena with tunnels, battle towers and assault course.

What do the two presenters think is the appeal of the show?

“We like to think it’s me and Kammy,” smiled Ben. “But it’s a show that families sit down and watch together. And it’s amazing to watch contestants perform feats of physical skill and endurance. But it’s also fun to see people fall into the water. It is a show that everyone can enjoy.

“And it’s no different here,” said Chris. “Grandparents can sit and enjoy a coffee yet still watch all the action, while parents can run along the course with the kids. The whole family can enjoy a day out here.”

Around us, enthusiastic children flow towards the course, eager to try out the different obstacles. “It’s great, just watching the faces of the kids coming in,” said Ben. “While they’re queueing, they’re jumping up and down, just wanting to get on the course. Yes, it’s lot of fun, but we hope it also encourages people to keep fit and enjoy exercise.’’

Of the two presenters, only Ben has tackled the real course. Chris claims he had a bad back that day. I suggest perhaps Ben could have carried him round, which causes them both to laugh: “I’ve carried him for six series already, don’t you worry about that,” joked Ben.

As a man with practical experience, what’s his advice on the best way to tackle the show’s infamous warped wall?

“Charge up it, keep looking up and hope for the best. Just run up and whatever you do, don’t lean back.”

Admission for the adventure park starts from £13.95 per person for the main arena, and £6.95 for Mini Ninjas (under-fives) in a soft play area.