A HORSELL man, who came to Britain as a refugee after the Second World War, has celebrated his 103rd birthday.

Kazys Lisauskas, who is generally known in the village as Sam, was born in Lithuania to a French mother and was forced during the war to serve in the German army against the Russians, who had taken the family’s land.

Kazys "Sam" Lisauskas, 103-year-old Horsell resident
Sam regularly uses his exercise bike (Rosie Hampson)

Sam ended up in a prisoner of war camp in Norway from which he escaped through the snow.

He made his way to Germany, where he met a Lithuanian woman called Meta Lisauskas.

They married and came to England as refugees and worked on farms around Surrey.

Rosie Hampson, Sam’s former daughter-in-law who remains close to the family, said: “They had a tough life at the beginning, and moved from poor accommodation on farm land until they settled in Hammond Road in Horsell around 1952.”

They had two sons, George and Peter, who is Rosie’s ex-husband, one grandson and one great grandson. George, 75, lives with Sam.

“Dad loves cars and has had lots of American ones over the years. We even had a Pontiac Trans Am in 1970 for my wedding to Peter.”

For many years Sam worked in Byfleet, and until a few years ago he cleaned every day at the ToysRUs store in Woking.

 “He was 94 then and I don’t think the company he was contracted with had any idea how old he was,” Rosie said.

Meta, who was also known as Liz, died in her sleep in August 2022, a few weeks short of her 98th birthday.

“Meta also worked until she was 88 and only stopped after she had a hip operation. She was mugged about 20 years ago and suffered a fractured skull, and for the last few years she was been really deaf,” Rosie said.

 “She liked to cook a Sunday lunch and hot meals. She would not have prepared food or meals on wheels.”

Rosie said that Sam, who uses a mobility scooter, which is a well-known sight in and around Horsell, likes to shop at Waitrose and sometimes Morrisons and is very particular in what he buys.

“He's learnt to cook since Meta passed away. He's had some mishaps but is getting there.” 

Rosie said Sam loves to play his accordion and regularly uses an exercise bike he has at his home.

His health routine is a combination of homeopathy medications and vitamins, Kit Kats and a Jaegermeister shot every night.

He had a birthday lunch at the Cricketers and then had champagne and cake at home.

Kazys "Sam" Lisauskas, 103-year-old Horsell resident with a Jaegermeister representative
A Jaegermeister representative delivered three bottles of Sam's favourite tipple to help him celebrate his special birthday (Rosie Hampson)

For his 100th birthday, Sam rode to a family lunch on his mobility scooter decorated with balloons.

“Dad sped off towards the High Street with a procession of cars following him along Meadway Drive,” Rosie said.

“He was so shocked he couldn’t get over the attention. People passing by in the village were beeping their car horns calling out happy birthday.

“He was slightly overwhelmed, but it was lovely to see,” she said.