A WASTE bin has been placed on Kestrel Way to try to address the “disgusting” conditions in the area.

Woking Litter Warriors founder Lauren Horncastle was so outraged by the state of the approach road to the Goldsworth Park Trading Estate on a recent litterpick that she branded it “the most disgusting location ever visited by the Warriors team”.

“Our group of 16 collected 42 bin bags’ worth of trash in two hours and we could have been there for 10 times that and still not cleared the area,” Lauren said.

“Not just the usual array of cans, glass and plastic bottles – many filled with urine – food containers and confectionary wrappers, but condoms, and multiple examples of drug paraphernalia, including a used syringe, together with human excrement.

“All this only yards away from a pathway through the woods used by schoolchildren and casual ramblers.

“The road is treated as an unofficial truck park and the majority of refuse must be generated by overnight or late-night parking here, either by truckers or others attracted by the lack of passing traffic late in the day.”

After a series of emails to Woking Borough Council and its councillors, a site meeting was arranged between Horsell representatives Colin Kemp and Adam Kirby, and council neighbourhood staff Andy Calfe and Kate Wilson to discuss possible solutions.

“The councillors noted that the area has been a problem for some time and that there are no easy answers,” Lauren added.

“The council didn’t appear to like the idea of installing bins as this seems to encourage more litter as well as fly-tipping, but I said we should at least offer the truckers the option to do the right thing.

“Cllr Kirby made the point that if bins are installed, at least if people are going to ‘miss the bin’ then it would still be easier to pick up the litter if they’ve decided not to lob it into the bushes. 

“Following an exchange of ideas it was agreed that a trial placement of one bin on Kestrel Way would be worth pursuing to see if this encouraged truckers and others to help manage the uncontrolled spread of refuse.

“Mr Calfe agreed he would be willing to trial this but only committed to one bin near the pathway leading from The Cricketers.”

Lauren also reported a positive ending to another litterpick last month, along Lockfield Drive, where 20 volunteers collected 22 bags of rubbish.

Among the items were a stolen package of wallpaper, returned to its owner who lives near by, and a handbag with several identifiable loyalty cards and a pair of spectacles.

After delivering the handbag to the police, Lauren posted her find on social media and drew a response the following day from the bag’s owner, Mary.

Although the handbag is in poor condition, Mary was delighted to be reunited with her favourite pair of spectacles, which are currently being repaired.