THE Woking team for one of the world’s leading service provider to the energy industry, Petrofac, is pioneering most of the company’s hydrogen project work which has formed a key part of the UK hydrogen industry’s Road to COP26 campaign.

Woking MP Jonathan Lord and Woking Borough Council’s director of planning Giorgio Framalicco were given an opportunity to learn more about the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s pioneering work in a visit to Petrofac ahead of the UN climate conference beginning in Glasgow.

The campaign is aimed at promoting the “Best of British” companies and technologies that will be at the forefront of decarbonising our planet.

The Petrofac New Energies Team was able to show how the company is utilising its experience in grey hydrogen to support blue and green hydrogen scopes globally. It has been designing, building, managing, operating, and maintaining infrastructure for clients across the energy sector for 40 years.

During the visit Mr Lord discussed the importance of hydrogen to the UK economy with Petrofac’s, as well as the role Petrofac is playing in hydrogen projects both in the UK and abroad. 

“The United Kingdom has some very ambitious targets in terms of climate change, and we need to meet our UK targets on emissions in the most cost-effective ways possible. The great thing about companies such as Petrofac is that they have the transferable skills, the knowledge and the determination to help develop alternative technologies and alternative energy sources such as hydrogen,” said Mr Lord.

“I think hydrogen is going to be a really important element in the greener energy mix required in the UK and, here in Woking, we have a cluster of companies, like Petrofac, who have the expertise to really forge ahead and make these new technologies work.”

Commenting on the visit Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, said: “At COP26, the spotlight will be on how the UK will achieve its ambitious carbon emission reduction targets. Firms such as Petrofac will play an integral role in helping to achieve the Government’s green ambitions.”