Barnaby the rabbit is a very handsome boy that came to RSPCA Millbrook from a home with lots of other rabbits where they weren't getting the proper care that they needed.

As he had not had the proper time and care in his previous home, Barnaby was a bit on the nervous side when he first arrived at Millbrook.

With time care and lots of gentle handling he has blossomed and will need his new family to help his confidence continue to grow.

He has just been neutered recently and is looking to live with a neutered female rabbit. They will need to live in separate accommodation whilst the bonding process takes place.

This cheeky chap loves his food, he really is not fussy he loves munching on his fruit and veg as well as his hay and grass.

He will need to live in a 3m x 2m x 1m hutch and run (attached at all times).

Rabbits are active and need to be able to hop, run, jump, dig and stretch out fully when lying down.

They'll need enough room to exercise and stand up fully on their back legs without their ears touching the roof.

Barnaby will need constant access to safe hiding places to escape if he's feeling worried.

Rabbits are intelligent and inquisitive. If they're bored, they may suffer, so they'll need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy and enriched. 

Barnaby is a lovely boy who deserves a new family to care for him.

See or call 0300 123 0740.