MOOSE the Cane Corso-cross is a big, super friendly dog who is often seen to have a helicopter tail when he sees humans.

He came into the care of the RSPCA at Millbrook in Chobham because his owner was no longer able to take care of him.

Moose, who is two years old, is a super soppy, loving boy who loves cuddles and tickles. He is kind natured boy and seeks love and affection from his owners. 

He loves to snuggle up into his bed and makes the most of spreading across the sofas at Millbrook. He loves toys and is good at sharing them with humans, especially footballs and big “chuck-it balls”, and often roots through the toy basket and finds them.

“Moose is a softy but he is a big boy and can be strong on the lead, so he will need owners that are experienced with large breed dogs and owners that are physically able to hold him when out on walks,” said Millbrook’s Debbie Pearce. 

“He has walked with some dogs here at the centre, but he doesn’t like dogs coming into his personal space. For this reason he will need to be kept on the lead and walked in places where there are not too many dogs, or dogs off the lead, as Moose will not like dogs running up to him.”

Moose sometimes forgets his size, so he can live with children aged 14 years and over that are used to big dogs. 

As Moose will need to stay on lead in public, he will need a large private garden with 6ft fencing and his new owner will need to have access to secure fields so he can have a good run around. He does need to be an only dog.

Moose may need a refresher in house training and car travel training. He has not been left alone for long, so will need someone based at home and will need a gradual build up to being left.

IF you are interested in providing a loving forever home for Moose, please visit to complete an online application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. Application does not guarantee adoption.