A WOMAN in her 80s was ran over by a mobility scooter, which knocked her to the pavement and then landed on top of her near Woking town centre.

Passers-by, including motorists, ran to the aid of Gloria Barber, freeing her and taking her to the nearby NHS walk-in centre.

Mrs Barber, 85, told the News & Mail that she was getting on to the pavement after crossing the road near the police station when she was hit in the back by the vehicle.

“I had quite a heavy shopping trolley and was manoeuvring it on to the pavement when I felt a ‘whoosh’ in my back and I went down. Then the buggy was on my feet and legs,” she said.

Passers-by lifted the buggy off Mrs Barber’s legs and a couple who had been driving nearby took her to the walk-in centre.

“Both legs have tissue damage and swelling. They X-rayed my feet and couldn’t see a break and sent me home,” Mrs Barber said.

“I am gradually recovering; the swelling is going down."

Mrs Barber is expected to make a full recovery and is resting at home.

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