A mystery artist has invoked the spirit of Banksy with a series of uncredited artworks in Horsell.

Along the footpath from Brewery Road, close to the WWF building, leading up to the top of Horsell Park, an unknown artist has hung a series of highly colourful circular abstract paintings on lamp-posts for passers-by to enjoy.

They have already attracted plenty of comments on local social media platforms, where they have been nicknamed “buttons”.

So far there have been four placed along the footpath. The first, with a blue period feeling, disappeared after only a couple of days.

The second, much more red, was thrown away into the undergrowth, but later retrieved.

The other two, cheerfully and vibrantly multi-coloured, are still on show.

There are few clues to the artist’s identity, but for the moment at least Banksy’s spirit is alive and well and living alongside a footpath in Horsell.