MOUNTAIN bike enthusiasts hurtled around a field in Chobham to raise £525 for a charity developing treatments for motor neurone disease.

The riders challenged themselves in a time trial organised by Tony Hunt, who laid out a time trial course at Grove Farm in Scotts Grove Road.

It was the second fundraising mountain bike event Tony had organised in his field. Last year, he collected £350 for the Woking Hospice charity, and was pleased that he had exceeded that total, in support of Funding Neuro.

Tony chose the charity as beneficiary because 2022 is the 30th anniversary of his raising £2,000 for it by running the London Marathon.

“I thought there might have been some progress in finding treatments for motor neurone disease since then but there hasn't really,” he said. “In that time, there have been advances in finding medications for AIDS and HIV and Parkinson’s disease, but few advances in treating motor neurone disease.

“So I decided to raise money again for Funding Neuro, which is laying the foundations for human trials of a pioneering therapy for motor neurone disease.”

The riders tackled a 1.5-kilometre loop that included a hilly section through woodland, some obstacles and small ramps.

The challenge included three laps for men and women and a single lap for juniors, with the best timed laps during practice determining the starting order for main event.

Tony had told the competitors that the event would go ahead unless the weather was dire.

“I was concerned at eight o’clock looking out at the pouring rain and grey skies, but by 11 the sun was out and it was a lovely warm day,” he said.

He plans to hold a similar event next year, again raising money for a local charity.