St Peter’s Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has received more than £12,000 in donations from two patients and their families. 

Mike Willoughby, who donated £9,408 to the ICU, and Cassie Gibson, who donated £3,341, raised the money by running half marathons.

Mike ran his race almost a year to the day after he suffered a cardiac arrest. The route included the path where he was found unconscious.

Mike explained: “On 2 June 2023, I headed out for my afternoon run. I was fit, healthy and unaware of any underlying health issues. Little did I know, this run would be life changing.

“I was probably about two minutes from home when I collapsed by the side of the road. I’d suffered a cardiac arrest. A passer-by saw me lying on the ground and performed CPR. 

“I had suffered from a cardiac arrest, having had undiagnosed artery disease. I needed to have a triple heart bypass.

“My friends and I ran this half marathon to raise money for St Peter’s Hospital, in particular their ICU. Without their care and support I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Cassie and her family present a cheque to the ICU team
(Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals)

Cassie Gibson ran her half marathon to thank the team that saved her dad, Ken, after he had a major heart attack.

Cassie said: “My dad suffered a major heart attack followed by cardiac arrest. After nearly an hour of CPR and 11 shocks to the heart, dad finally had a regular heart rhythm and was rushed to the specialist cardiac unit at St Peter's Hospital.

“Dad was suffering from congestive heart failure and aspirational pneumonia. He had also developed kidney failure and was likely to have a brain injury.

“Dad defied all odds, and we couldn't be prouder. It's safe to say that dad would not be here without them.”