WOKING District Maverick Explorer Scouts have come up with a giant-sized tribute to the ever-popular Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Colin – the world’s most famous caterpillar according to his friends on the Marks & Spencer website – has been a regular guest at birthday parties for more than 30 years.

Assistant Explorer Scout leader Alan Lopez said: “Mavericks have been making oversized versions of popular foods and sweets for many years, and this is one of our best achievements. 

“This is Maverick the Millipede, six-foot long and modelled on Colin the Caterpillar. 

“Explorers were split into groups to make the head, feet and individual body lengths before bringing them all together to make one giant millipede.

“We used Swiss rolls that we covered in chocolate icing and made the head by melting down white chocolate before sticking oversized chocolate buttons on as eyes.

“A row of Smarties was placed on the back. All in all, very tasty”.

And big enough for everyone to enjoy a slice.