A SEMI-LONGHAIRED cat called Ruby is seeking her forever home.

The two-year-old is being cared for at RSPCA Millbrook in Chobham while she searches for her new family.

Millbrook’s Debbie Pearce said: “Ruby arrived at the centre two months ago in a right state, with lots of fur loss and crusty, sore skin. Over time her skin has healed and her fur has grown back, although she needs more time for it to be looking its best. But you can see from the photo how well she is now looking.

“Ruby is so worried around us and she really does not like it in the cattery, so we are making her available for adoption now in the hope that her perfect new owner comes forward as soon as possible so she can continue to heal, mentally and physically, in a loving home with a family who dote on her.

“Ruby has been someone’s pet before, so we know she will enjoy being in a home again. But we do know that she is also so very worried about people and loud noises. 

“Rather than hide away in a corner as some nervous cats do, Ruby prefers to take a swipe at us, and will no doubt do this with her new family.

“So please only apply for Ruby if you have exactly what she needs: lots of time and patience, a willingness to put lots of effort into making her feel comfortable and happy in her new home, and a quiet home with no other pets or small children.

“We know the right person is out there for her, so please get in touch if that person is you. Or if she is not for you, please share her details.”

If you are interested in providing a home for Ruby, visit www.rspca-millbrook.org.uk to complete an application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. 

Remember, though, that application does not guarantee adoption.