New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to five of Woking’s establishments, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows.

Restaurants, cafes and canteens

The following ratings have been given to two restaurants, cafes or canteens:

• Rated 5: KFC at 29 - 31 Chertsey Roadwokingsurrey; rated on March 1

• Rated 5: Nuffield Health at Pyrford Roadwokingwest Byfleetsurrey; rated on February 28

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

And two ratings have been handed to pubs, bars or nightclubs:

• Rated 5: O'Neill's at O Nielscrown Squarechobham Roadwokingsurrey; rated on March 5

• Rated 5: Cellar Magnifique at 3 Church Pathwokingsurrey; rated on March 4


Plus one rating for a takeaway:

• Rated 2: Subway at 9 Chertsey Roadwokingsurrey; rated on February 1