Honor Blackman Goldfinger
Honor Blackman with the Pussy Galore's Flying Circus female aviator team from Goldfinger (Ewbank's)

Sean Connery and Harald Sakata on the set of Goldfinger
A photograph of Sean Connery and Harald Sakata on the set of Goldfinger (Ewbank's)

Ewbank’s will sell never seen before photos of filming on set for the 1964 film Goldfinger in their dedicated James Bond auction on June 7. The candid views of the stars and signed photos are offered as a single lot

Taken by the station photographer at RAF Northolt during location filming, the ten photos, presented in an album, feature Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, who played Pussy Galore, and Harold Sakata, Goldfinger’s manservant and bodyguard Oddjob.

These shots, which include behind the scenes views of the filming as well as the stars off set, are accompanied by the signatures of Connery, Sakata and Blackman.

Also pictured are Honor Blackman with the “Pussy Galore's Flying Circus” female aviator team from the film on set, a photograph of Hanger 311 at RAF Northolt, with the Pussy Galore Flying Circus Banner, a photograph of Guy Hamilton (director) and Blackman on set, and a photograph on set of the Ford Car with crew and Hamilton.

The consignor, Daphne Walker, appears in the photos too, with Sakata and Blackman.

Daphne Walker (nee Wincomb) was stationed at RAF Northolt during the filming and a letter of provenance from her, a copy of which is sold with this lot, reads as follows:

“I joined the WRAF in September 1961 aged 17 and was stationed at RAF Northolt in 1964 when a film crew arrived at the airport to film excerpts for the James Bond film, Goldfinger.

“The main purpose was to film sequences concerning Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus. Myself and some of my colleagues went and watched some of the filming during our lunch breaks or off duty hours.

“Stephen was the station photographer and took some general pictures of the action and some of me with the actors. After developing them he gave me a few copies. I was lucky enough to take the prints to the set the next day where Honor Blackman very kindly autographed her photo for me, also Harold Sakata, aka Oddjob, spoke to me (and asked me if I was a pilot). I was very impressed!

“I was also lucky enough to get Sean Connery and Harold Sakata to sign the photo of them in the car that was later destroyed as part of the film’s plot.”

Daphne Walker (nee Wincomb)

15th April 2024.

“Goldfinger is regularly cited as the best Bond film, with Connery the favourite Bond. This is certainly true among aficionados of 007 material,” says Ewbank’s senior partner Andrew Ewbank.

“Because they are photographs rather than props or costumes from the films, the monetary value is lower, but even so, their unique nature and the fact that they capture the stars of the top Bond film – and are signed by them – means they are right up there with the most sought-after 007 material and we expect a great deal of interest.”

The estimate is £500-800.

Live online bidding is available via www.ewbankauctions.co.uk