A SCHOOL is inviting all Woking households with children to take part in a series of educational games by displaying a number that can be seen from the street.

The initiative comes from Brookwood Primary School, which is helping the pupils isolated at home to continue home education through the app Seesaw.

David Gunning, the school’s headteacher, said that the first week of the summer term was focused on problem solving week, including families displaying numbers from their houses.

“We would love for the whole of Woking to join in as we believe it would be a fantastic way to enjoy maths during school closures,” Mr Gunning said.

“We have lots of suggested activities and games planned for children to enjoy with the numbers.”

He said the first step was to get as many families as possible to put up a number from 1 to 10 in a window.

“This can be as creative or as simplistic as you like. There can be some artwork involved or the use of Roman numerals, for instance.”

Mr Gunning said he also hoped to involve other schools so the exercise would be Woking-wide.

Challenges would then be given to children to complete on their daily exercise. For younger children, this might be recognising and counting numbers, with more complicated puzzles for the older ones, such as cracking codes.

“At the school, we have children not only in Brookwood but also dotted around and we hope that they will get their friends and neighbours involved. It would be a great thing for the whole of Woking to do.”

Brookwood Primary is using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with its pupils at home and keep them connected with the children of key workers who are still going into the school. People can get involved with the challenges by going to the school’s Facebook page or following @SchoolBrookwood on Twitter.