THREE lags at Coldingley Prison will be blowing their own trumpets after escaping on to the roof amid embarrassing scenes at the category C prison.

The trio of prisoners have been camped on the roof of the complex in Shaftesbury Road, Bisley, for more than six hours with police and wardens powerless to remove them.

One of the prisoners even managed to smuggle a trumpet on to the roof with him and spent much of Monday evening letting nearby residents know of his success.

Eye-witness Sarah-Jayne Cook, 24, said the prisoners were playing up to the crowd of locals who had left their homes to watch the performance.

She said: “At first we thought it might be builders but then we realised they were prisoners.

“They were sort of skipping back and forth and waving to their audience – they had a little wooden ladder with them but I doubt that is how they got up there.

“They weren’t abusive to the crowd at all – I think they were just up there for a laugh but I have no idea where he got the trumpet from.”

Coldingley prison officials were unavailable for comment.

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