A BYFLEET author has written a book which teaches simple techniques to increase resilience, lower stress levels and help people to be sharper and more focused.

Stress To Success in 28 Days, is Hansa Pankhania’s eighth book on wellbeing for adults and follows her Chakraji Childrens Relaxation Series aimed at helping younger readers to build emotional resilience.

Hansa’s latest book has a programme of techniques that can be done standing up, sitting or lying down, in a queue, stuck in traffic or while walking. They include breathing, relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness techniques.

Hansa said: “Stress creeps up on us, although sometimes the signals are loud and clear: Are you less efficient at work?; do you feel overloaded, depressed and lack energy?”

The first chapter explains how to breathe properly. “Changing the way you breathe is one of the most powerful things you can do to reduce stress levels,” Hansa said.

Another chapter covers positive thinking.

“Overthinking or being dragged down by negative thoughts is a common cause of stress,” Hansa said.

“We spend most of our time either thinking about the future or in the past which takes you away from being here, now and this makes you less effective at work and your life in general. Through mindfulness practices you can learn to appreciate every moment and stop overthinking.”

There are also tips on how to handle difficult relationships, including active listening, creating a “bubble” around you when you encounter aggression, releasing your need to be right and dealing with trigger points.

“By the end of the book, you will have chosen the technique that works for you and continue to integrate it into your daily routine,” Hansa said. “This will keep you stress-free and well and will make you successful as you will be calm, relaxed and have clarity of direction.”

For more information, visit https://hansapankhania.com.