A FAMILY company, based in Woking, is providing health and safety and management training to help youngsters find work in the construction industry.

The Training and Consulting Services Company (TCSco) is run by Bertrand Blackbeard, who has 40 years’ experience in the industry, and his son Grant, who has a management background.

TCSco also provides management courses, including a masterclass in innovating a business model.

The pair set up the company last year after Bertrand came to Britain from South Africa in 2004 and worked for various large companies, including Barratt Homes, Berkley Homes and Ardmore Construction.

When he was in South Africa, Bertrand, 72, worked on major projects, including constructing a platinum mine and a harbour expansion.

He and Grant decided to combine their experience and provide one and three-day courses which includes one that results in an Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) certificate.

During lockdown and the other coronavirus restrictions, courses were provided only online, but earlier this month classes have restarted at Export House in the town centre.

Grant said that they have received many enquiries for the classes as many people prefer face-to-face learning and can find online training confusing and difficult to access.

The courses are suitable for people of all ages and stages in their careers, but are particularly useful for school-leavers and university graduates who are looking for vocational training to help them start work.

The other member of the team is Bertrand’s wife Dulcie, who is involved in company administration.

They can also call on freelance trainers to provide extra courses when the demand increases.

The Blackbeards have received help from Woking Borough Council to set up in the town centre and believe they are in the right place.

“We have settled in Woking and believe it is very strategically placed with a very good train service that takes you to London in 25 minutes and other good transport links,” Bertrand said.

He said the various construction developments in and around the town centre also make Woking an attractive place to be.

“The construction boom in Woking and other parts of Surrey is tremendous and we believe we can service that market.”

For more information, visit www.tcsco.co.uk or email - [email protected]