THE former manager of a gym in Woking has launched an app that provides a full range of health and fitness information, advice and interaction.

HubFiiT opened over the Easter weekend, with more than 10,000 workouts and healthy eating recipes that can be shared among all the members.

“We are a one-stop shop,” says Shireen Walker, who came up with the idea for the app during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Shireen started as a fitness trainer and moved up into management, running gyms in London and Woking.

“This fills a gap in having everything together,” she said.

“People generally have to use multiple apps, but here you can follow the pre-recorded workouts, built your own, and tap into the nutritional content. Coach Dean is a chef and you can follow his easy recipes.”

HubFiiT is also a community, with members interacting with each other for encouragement and advice.

“It’s about building a rapport,” Shireen said. “As we are coming out of COVID, people want to improve their health and this is about people enjoying fitness.”

Shireen said the app can be used by people at home or in a gym and stands out from similar apps by its educational content and creating a community.

Prior to the launch, HubFiiT had a sizeable following on Instagram and Facebook, including many people from Woking who know Shireen from when she worked in the town.

The app is ideal for people starting to think about improving their fitness, with workouts for all levels.

Shireen hopes to develop livestream classes and eventually to set up boutique gyms around the country.

HubFiiT has partnered with Lifestyle Card, the local loyalty scheme that offers discounts to a huge range of restaurants, pubs, shops and services.

The first 200 people to sign up will be given a free Lifestyle Card, that costs £40.

Shireen believes Woking is a good place to focus the app and intends to join the Woking Chamber of Commerce.

The idea of HubFiiT is to allow people to add their workouts to their busy schedule in one place.

“There are some very good fitness apps out there, but this brings everything together,” Shireen said.

For more information, email [email protected], visit or call 07507 917656.