AFTER weeks of festive excess, plus the potential of weight gained with more people working from home during the pandemic, it’s timely that a Byfleet slimming group is being relaunched.

Having struggled with food and weight issues herself, and now a Slimming World consultant, Emma Martinez is bringing back regular meetings of the group to the Methodist church in Rectory Lane.

“Growing up I’d always been seen as the curvy one, the girl with tree trunks for legs. I struggled with my appearance and self-worth, always hiding behind a chunky cardigan with a scarf covering my front; avoiding family fun days out at theme parks, afraid I wouldn’t fit on the rides,” she said.

“The first lockdown highlighted my irregular eating patterns, which were getting out of control. I confided in a friend, and we agreed we would go to Slimming World and support each other.”

Emma said that date, Friday 11 September 2020, is a day she’ll never forget.

“That fateful Friday, it changed my life. It was the most nervous I’d been in a long time. I walked through the doors… and found the most wonderful group, with the most welcoming consultant and members.

“I followed the plan, and returned the next week blown away with my 5.5lb loss. I couldn’t believe I could satisfy my appetite and lose weight,” she said. “I started to cook more and more, and found the additional support through my phone app so useful. The recipes are family friendly and there’s a huge variety.”

Over the past 15 months, she’s lost two and a half stone and feels much healthier.

“I’m in control of my mind and body, it no longer controls me,” said Emma. “And the proof: April 2021, with my little boy at Thorpe Park. Mummy was in the queue for every ride!

“Slimming World has changed my life, and I couldn’t be happier.”

* EMMA’S Slimming World group meets at Byfleet Methodist Church, Rectory Lane, Byfleet, KT14 7LL, every Wednesday at 5pm and 7pm. To join, call 07961 808084, or email [email protected].