RECYCLING ocean waste such as plastics and abandoned fishing nets into performance swimwear is the inspiring basis for Instant Swim’s entry in the Going Circular category at the CREST21 Business Awards.

“Our products are created using waste that would otherwise pollute the earth. This waste is collected, sorted and cleaned to recover all the nylon possible, before being purified and recycled right back to its original purity,” said company co-founder Jasmine Arnold.

“This means the regenerated nylon we use is exactly the same as fossil-based nylon,” she said, pointing out it uses a lot less energy to transform waste into recycled material than it does to make whole new material.

“Finally, the nylon is then processed into yarns and polymers before being able to be manufactured into swimwear, and sold to our customers. We believe a life-cycle of regenerated materials is the way forward for all fashion and retail businesses and is a great way of reducing the use of unnecessary new resources.”

The business was set up in Guildford almost one-a-half-years ago by Jasmine and her sister Rosie. As well as being made from recycled materials, the swimsuits are designed to be long-lasting and ultra-chlorine resistant for daily training, while also UV protective and sun cream resistant for holiday use.

“Being ex-swimmers ourselves, we saw a gap in the market for sustainable options of performance swimwear,” she said. “We design our swimwear to be as stylish, practical and environmentally friendly as possible. Bringing together those who share a passion for swimming, to create a positive and supportive community.

“Sustainability was a major factor that came into play when we were designing and manufacturing our products. It is so important to us to ensure that our business is sustainable as we are constantly thinking about the future of our environment as well as the impact our business has on it.”

The sisters also have a sustainable activewear collection for women, and are aiming to expand their range to menswear and childrenswear in the future.

“We are proud to say that all swimwear products sold on our website come from regenerated materials. With an increasing number of people actively seeking sustainable products, the demand for eco-friendly options can only grow over the coming years,” said Jasmine.

The sisters said they were excited to have the opportunity to reach new people through the CREST21 Business Awards, being able to tell a local audience who they are and what they do.

“Our brand ethos is all about reusing materials that would otherwise go to landfill instead of creating new resources. We are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the sustainability of our business such as using reusable packaging, and considering different manufacturing options,” said Jasmine.

“We love being able to give customers a sustainable alternative. By focusing on creating a high quality, sustainable version of a product at an affordable price, we are making it easier for people to shop sustainably and play their part in protecting our planet.”

Another factor that inspired their entry was connecting with like-minded people and brands, and sharing what sustainable businesses are about.

“We love to meet people with a similar mindset and help to support local businesses also working towards a more sustainable future, in all different business categories. It gives us huge inspiration to continue with what we do by learning from other companies and how they work, potentially sharing ideas on how to make our businesses more sustainable.”

* THE Surrey CREST21 Business Awards have been founded by the Woking News & Mail, in association with the University of Surrey’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) and supported by headline sponsor Surrey County Council.

The first sustainable business awards in the county, they allow every business, large or small, to put themselves in the spotlight and celebrate the contribution they make towards our environment and community.

With five categories – Transforming Food, Going Circular, Efficiency Champion, Sustainability Impact, and Resilience in Crisis – a sixth accolade will also be presented to the CREST21 Sustainability Hero at the awards night event in May.