A BISLEY electricity worker is celebrating more than four decades of long service.

Rhett Wetton, 64, is a compliance officer with UK Power Networks, which owns and maintains power supplies in the South East, London and East of England.

Rhett trained as an underground cable jointer and was a first responder at the scene of power cuts before transferring to a safety-critical role, inspecting and testing the kit used by engineers to keep the lights on.

“I enjoy the job, love the people I work with and have a good boss. I can’t decide when I will retire because I’m still enjoying the work and it’s the perfect job as far as I’m concerned,” Rhett said.

 “The 1987 hurricane sticks out in my mind as particularly memorable because we worked for days on end to restore power supplies in our communities any way we could.

 “The industry’s safety standards have changed dramatically. People don’t take chances, they work by the book and that’s a very good thing. Standards are very high and they need to be.

Basil Scarsella, chief executive of UK Power Networks, said: “We like to recognise and celebrate the dedication and expertise of our employees, many of whom have lived and worked in the areas we serve for a long time.

“Their work keeping the lights on is usually carried out behind the scenes, but it is very valuable in helping everyday lives run smoothly and contributing to the success of local economies.”

Rhett is among 59 UK Power Networks employees across the South East and London to have reached their 40th or 50th anniversaries this year.