MANY people are joining gyms at this time of year, after over-indulging at Christmas.

But months, sometimes only weeks, down the line, the good intentions can fall away, and gym attendance becomes a thing of the past.

One gym that is focused on keeping its members engaged and interested is Anytime Fitness in Woking town centre.

Richard Williams, the franchise holder, says the gym works to make its members feel part of the club and involved.

“With some of the budget chains, there is no interaction and people are left to their own devices,” he said. “At Anytime Fitness, when you join, we look after you.”

Richard says this includes phoning members who haven’t attended and understanding their reasons for skipping sessions.

“We encourage members to have a fitness appointment and work out a programme that works for them.”

As well as a full set of cardiovascular and strength equipment and classes, Anytime Fitness also offers virtual classes online as well as a 3-D body scanner that can help with setting up tailored programmes.

With an expected new influx, the gym is helping existing and new members to get back into their fitness routine after Christmas and the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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