IF YOU’D like to train like a prizefighter, but without the obvious dangers of getting thumped, then Class UFC Gym might be for you.

It’s a gym with a difference: instead of row upon row of treadmills and weight machines, there are about 20 punch and kick bags used in a wide range of classes with exercises from kickboxing, boxing and HIIT (high intensity interval training), plus functional equipment like kettlebells and battle ropes.

Emma Ashby, the manager, said the gym’s classes provide a range of benefits.

“It can help getting yourself fit, lose weight, and improve your physical and mental strength,” Emma said.

“The classes build strength, endurance, muscular strength and power. It’s great for the mind because it’s mixed martial arts and teaches you discipline. It’s all about technique.”

As well as the kick boxing and boxing drills, there are Brazilian jujitsu classes, with its wrestling techniques, a HIIT class and a hybrid class which incorporates all the genres.

“They’re really high intensity, fun, engaging, brilliant classes,” Emma said.

The gym opened in early 2020 and was closed for months at a time because of the pandemic. It is not only returning to pre-COVID normality now, but expanding its services.

Personal training will be offered to target fat loss, strength and conditioning.

“The trainers will work with you, write an exercise and nutritional programme and train you,” Emma said.

“We’re going to add some new classes, such as spin and strength and body conditioning through bar bell work.”

The gym also has cryotherapy treatments, which are becoming increasingly popular and reflect the interest in cold water therapy generated by Wim Hof, the Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete known as The Iceman.

“We have pods where the temperature is -125C to -130C degrees and you go into the pod and get frozen for up to five minutes for those who have mastered the art.

“It helps with so many issues: inflammation, arthritis, recovery from injury, wrinkles, anxiety and depression.

“We also have NormaTec compression therapy, which helps reduce inflammation in the legs.”

Emma said the gym is perfectly placed to provide the sort of personal improvements people are craving after the experience of COVID.

“It has taught us many things, including the value of the strength of mind and the strength of body because suddenly everything was taken away,” she said.

For more details, such as membership packages and a timetable of classes, visit www.classufcgym.co.uk