BROOKWOOD Military Cemetery is one of only ten UK cemetery locations to have begun using augmented reality technology to tell the stories of the fallen.

Deployed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) to mark War Graves Week, which continues until tomorrow (Saturday 28 May), the initiative aims to encourage people to discover the World Wars heritage on their doorstep – learning the stories of those commemorated by the CWGC and the dedication and expertise of CWGC staff and volunteers who keep their memory alive.

The smartphone technology from Memory Anchor will enable people to go on a walking tour complete with biographies and photographs of some of those commemorated, enabling them to engage with history in stunning augmented reality.

The technology is planned to be a permanent tool for visitors at Brookwood, so will be available beyond this week.

Director general of the CWGC, Claire Horton CBE, said: “We’re delighted that people will be able to use this wonderful app at our cemeteries to discover the stories of the fallen.

“When I used Memory Anchor for the first time at Brookwood Military Cemetery, it was quite an emotional experience. I learnt about many brave and remarkable people, including Private Kathleen Gray, who was working as a cook in the then top-secret Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

Learn the story of Private Kathleen Gray at Brookwood. (Picture supplied)

“For security reasons, Kay, as she was known to her family and friends, never told anyone where she worked supporting the pioneering code-breaking team, whose efforts shortened the war by up to two years.

“She tragically died of lung cancer in November 1945, just a couple of months after the end of the war, at the age of 32.”

Memory Anchor co-founder Ryan Mullens added: ”With this launch, the CWGC is leading the charge in digital commemoration. This is a new way to share human stories. There’s so much power in a story, and when we can recognise ourselves it forges an unforgettable connection with the past.”

Fellow co-founder Matthew Cudmore said: “Behind every gravestone is a story just waiting to be told."

The Memory Anchor Explorer app can be found in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android phones.