YOU don’t have to travel to the North Pole to see Santa before Christmas this year, because he can come to your garden – and he will bring the snow with him.

The pre-festive cheer is courtesy of Woking photographer and videographer Tom Hewett, who has donned the red suit and white beard since his regular work was hit by the pandemic.

Tom, who has been a professional photographer for about 15 years, said 90% of his work is weddings and they have dried up as people had to postpone until next year or cancel altogether.

He said he mentioned the idea of performing as Santa half in jest to his wife Hailey and then set about organising it.

“I have children and it will be a bit rubbish this year with not being able to get out to see Santa, so I thought it would be fun to have him in your garden,” Tom said.

He brings a snow machine, snowflake projector and decorations and gives presents to children. For a little extra cost, families can have professional photos of themselves with Santa and there is also an option to have a video message.

Tom told the News & Mail: “With the wedding industry particularly hard hit by COVID-19, I did what the government suggested those in the arts should do and retrain, and I retrained as Santa.”

He said the Santa in Your Garden visits are being booked up, with some people having already got in early with November visits.

“I have seen various adverts for online Santas, but I can only assume anyone who thinks this is a good idea does not have a two and four-year-old,” Tom said.

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