A HORSELL author has just released her new book, Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature.

Monique Parker is a naturopathic nutritional therapist with a private practice in the town, passionate about nature and especially the effects it has on our life, health and wellbeing.

In her book, Monique addresses why it is so important to be tuned into nature, and why it is so worrying that more and more people seem to be disconnected from it.

Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature is about the importance of nature and the need for reconnection,” Monique said.

“Readers will discover the links between nature and health, between nature and nutrition, the disconnection from nature and how to reconnect with nature. The book also contains conversations with 27 inspirational people, all strongly connected with nature, through either profession or personality.

“It makes compelling reading emphasising the imperative of preserving the environment and the natural value it provides.” 

Among the interviewees are Andrew Halstead, chairman of the Goldsworth Park Allotments Society, Mel Hemmings, who ran Bare + Fair, the zero waste and refill shop in the Peacocks, and Susan Adams, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist from Old Woking.

Conversations on The Lost Connection with Nature is available on Amazon or, if you would like to support a local business, from Apples & Pears gift shop on Horsell High Street at £17.99.