Goldsworth Park Rangers FC marked International Women's Day with a vibrant and empowering girls' training session.

Eighty girls aged six to 16 took part in an evening dedicated to celebrating their passion for football.

There were participants from various Goldsworth Park Rangers teams, Goldsworth Primary School pupils and additional attendees brought along by club members.

An enthusiastic warm-up led by dedicated coaches set the tone for an evening of activities which emphasised the unity and camaraderie among the girls.

Coaches led a series of engaging drills tailored to the different age groups present, ensuring each participant had the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn new techniques.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the girls honed their abilities under the guidance of experienced mentors.

A highlight was the series of mixed age group matches which fostered teamwork and friendly competition.

Girls of varying ages came together to showcase their love for the beautiful game, exemplifying the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment Goldsworth Park Rangers stands for.

Adding to the excitement was Oxford United player Jamie Gooch, who lent her expertise and support to the young footballers.

Her involvement served as a source of inspiration for the girls, demonstrating that with dedication and determination they can aspire to achieve greatness in football.

Club officials expressed their pride in hosting this inaugural celebration of girls' football at Goldsworth Park Rangers FC. With a rich history of promoting girls' football in the community, the club aims to make this an annual tradition, further nurturing the talents and passion of young female footballers.

The success of the event underscored the importance of providing opportunities for girls to excel in sport and highlighted the positive impact such initiatives can have on their confidence and self-esteem. The smiles on the faces of the participants served as a testament to the joy and fulfilment football brings to girls of all ages.

Goldsworth Park Rangers’ commitment to empowering girls through football continues to be a shining example of inclusivity and equality in sport, setting the stage for a future generation of talented female athletes to thrive and succeed.

Oxford United player Jamie Gooch with girl footballers at Goldsworth Park Rangers, March 8th 2024.
Oxford United player Jamie Gooch with girl footballers at Goldsworth Park Rangers (Goldsworth Park Rangers)