When Jesus was asked “Who is my neighbour?” he told a memorable story about a Jewish man who was journeying from one town to another.

While on the road, the man is attacked by robbers who beat him up, steal everything and leave him for dead.

As he lies there, two important officials pass by. But they don’t want to get their hands dirty. It’s none of their business, they say to themselves.

But a third person does stop – a Good Samaritan. Although Samaritans were normally the enemy of Jews, he binds the man’s wounds and puts him on his donkey, transports him to a hotel to recover, and pays all his expenses until he is well again.

It’s not hard to tell from the story which of these examples was a neighbour to the man, and whose example we are supposed to follow when we see others in trouble.

As we watch the tragedy of war continue to unfold in Ukraine, let’s all be Good Samaritans to those who are fleeing conflict and extend hospitality, love and generosity to them.

They are our neighbours and they need us.

Rev Lucy Brierley

Minister of Woking United Reformed Church