The World Day of Prayer is held on the first Friday in March, a movement of prayer planned each year by women from a different country. 

For as long as I can remember, I have joined the worship service on this day and found it a poignant expression of solidarity with people who gather globally to pray.

Each year a hymn is sung containing these inspiring words:

As o’er each continent and island

The dawn leads on another day,

The voice of prayer is never silent,

Nor dies the strain of praise away.

What a beautiful thing to know that the “voice of prayer is never silent”. Even as we sleep, others are lifting prayers to God.

Prayer is a gift from God, a way to bring all that we feel before him; the knitting of human hearts with the heart of God.

What a joy to know that we can talk directly to God anytime, anywhere, and that God delights in us doing so!

All are welcome at this year’s World Day of Prayer service, at St Dunstan’s Church on Friday (March 1, 2024) at 10.30am. Perhaps I’ll see you there.