This week I would like to give an update on the Brookwood Farm development work programme.

Most readers will know that Brookwood Farm’s fields have the potential to provide an excellent opportunity for walks on residents’ doorsteps. However, the waterlogged fields require adequate drainage to help alleviate extreme flooding to the footpath after heavy downpours, which also serves as a shortcut to Brookwood station.

So I want to report on the outcome of the discussion of concerns I raised on behalf of Brookwood Farm Drive residents at the meeting arranged with representatives of Cala Homes, who, at long last, have embarked upon completing the outstanding works.

I provided a list of concerns submitted by residents at the meeting, which Cllr Saj Hussain and Phil Stubbs, Knaphill Residents’ Association chair, also attended. The problems related to ongoing drainage and sewer issues, damaged footpaths, gravel boards, kerb edging, collapsed pavilion fences...

It was reassuring when Cala Homes representatives confirmed that the outstanding work had started in January, is ongoing and scheduled for completion in June despite the progress hampered by the significant rainfall over recent weeks.

It was pleasing to see extra measures put in place to overcome local flooding because, for many commuters, this is a fact of life and an inconvenience, making a longer journey for residents to get to the station.

The plan is to create three grass drainage swales (shallow channels) along Station Path to help reduce water build-up during heavy rain and wet weather. Similarly, lowering timber edging in certain areas will assist with surface water run-off, along with the French drains in the worst affected areas.

But we must remain mindful that it will not wholly eradicate the flooding issue since the Brookwood Farm development has been built on a floodplain, further exacerbated by overgrown vegetation hindering the flow of streams, the clearing of which is not the responsibility of Cala Homes.

Appropriately, perhaps, it was pouring down heavily during the hour-long walk to witness first-hand the effectiveness of the remedial work in progress.

On completion, it will serve residents as the beating heart of our communities to enjoy outdoor living spaces.

More importantly, the proposed works on completion will be inspected by council officers before formal sign-off and handover for maintenance.

In providing further information for residents, Cala’s Brookwood Farm newsletter of January 2024, notes: “If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, then please contact the Customer Service Team on 0333 150 3321 or email [email protected].”

Hassan Akberali

Woking Independent councillor for Knaphill