I don’t know how you spent your Christmas Day this year and what Christmas means to you. 

I hope that you have had a good time but I know that for some it can be a difficult season.

Whatever your Christmas was like, may I point you back to the first Christmas.

Emmanuel is one of the names that Jesus was referred to as, and it means “God with us”. 

Most of us can picture the traditional nativity scene with the baby Jesus in the manger.

Did God really come to Earth as a baby, grow up to be a man and ultimately give his life for us on a cross to meet our deepest need – to be made right with God?

Does this God understand what you are facing in 2024 and can he really be with you?

May I encourage you to open yourself to the possibility that, today, Jesus can be with you and help you. 

Maybe you could try praying – talking to him. 

Some people find The Alpha Course a helpful way of exploring faith; you can find details of local courses here: https://alpha.org.uk/try