With a friend, I went on the “Camino” through Spain recently – a walking pilgrimage. 

Apart from the beauty of God’s creation, interesting places seen on the way and even the simplest food and drink needed and enjoyed, it is people who make it most memorable. 

Some seem intent on reaching their destination, trying to prove their own fitness or ability.  

Others politely wish you well as they walk by. 

Then there are chance encounters where simple, relaxed conversations, just taking time to chat, make the tougher parts of the walking easier. 

Or unexpected kindnesses, like the woman who freely offered me a large bunch of grapes, freshly picked from a vine.

Here are three blessings I experienced, which I think are worth striving to put into practice:

* How good are those who are willing to give generously or pay a compliment to a stranger?

* How good are those who can make others really laugh when it is most needed?

* How blessed are those who cheerfully sing as they go, even when the going is tough?