Woking Photographic Society has continued its season in style by showcasing its latest print competition. Club members enjoyed many stunning images, which included the natural world, landscapes, abstracts and perfect portraits (Len Walker writes).

The competition was reviewed by distinguished local photographer Peter Merry.

Among those that caught the judge’s eye in the advanced class were Cath Ind, who travelled to Brighton to see one of nature’s seasonal highlights – a starling murmuration.

Murmuration at Dusk
Murmuration at Dusk by Cath Ind (Cath Ind)

She said: “Murmuration at Dusk was taken in February on a bright and sunny day, and it is a truly spectacular phenomenon, thousands and thousands of starlings gathering to roost as dusk falls.”

Steve Morris was photographing, Joss, a friend: “She came with this concept of a backlit set involving lace or chiffon,” he said. “Blue, Red and a Bit of Bum was lit predominantly from the back to show shape and form, and from the camera left to bring out detail in the fabric and her leg. We were very happy with the results.”

Blue, Red and a Bit of Bum by Steve Morris
Blue, Red and a Bit of Bum by Steve Morris (Steve Morris)

Thinesh Thirugnanasampanthar was up with the lark to travel to Lincolnshire for Wild Male and Female Kestrels. He said: “I left the house at 3am to get to the farmland location in good time.”

Wild Male and Female kestrel
Wild male and female kestrel by Thinesh Thirugnanasampanthar (Thinesh Thirugnanasampanthar)

In the open class, Wendy Almond was prowling around her garden one frosty morning looking for an opportunity for some close-up photography of ice crystals.

“I walked towards my shed and spotted what I was looking for,” she said. “Each small window was covered in different creative shapes and patterns of delicate ice crystals, and I thought this would make a lovely picture, very unusual. I consider myself lucky to take Icy Window.”

Icy Window
Icy Window by Wendy Almond (Wendy Almond)

Woking Photographic Society runs a full programme of events with meetings every Tuesday at the Parkview Centre for the Community, Sheerwater, from 7:30pm. For more details, see website: www.wokingps.uk.

Neptune Jetty Emma Rowland
Neptune Jetty by Emma Rowland (Emma Rowland)
Early evening badger
Early evening badger by Mike Tibbotts (Mike Tibbotts)
Pine Marten
Pine marten with double kill by Mike Tibbotts (Mike Tibbotts)

Early birds
Early birds by Justin Cliffe, Ortiglia, Sicily (Justin Cliffe)
Glacier Canyons
Glacier Canyons by Stephen Wilder (Stephen Wilder)