Woking 1 Mansfield 2

CONTROVERSY reigned at Kingfield last night after an attack on the away team dressing room.

A Woking fan was believed to have thrown a brick through a window and into the room where Mansfield were celebrating a smash and grab victory over the Cards.

But Woking chairman Mike Smith later issued a statement confirming that no brick had been hurled and the supporter had used his hand to break the glass.

Mr Smith said:  "Following last night's Blue Square Bet Premier home game against Mansfield Town, an individual home supporter, who was exiting the stadium broke the window to the away team dressing room with his hand.

"Stories about a brick being thrown are untrue. Mansfield officials and players were inside the room and thankfully, no one was injured.

"For reasons of personal safety and in the interests of wider safety and crowd management, ground operations staff and security removed the individual from the situation, as Mansfield players and officials understandably reacted. Order was quickly restored.

"On behalf of Woking Football Club and its supporters, I apologised to the directors, players and officials of Mansfield Town, which was accepted.

"The individual responsible is known to the club as a season ticket holder and has had the privilege removed. In addition, he has also been informed he is no longer welcome at the club. Woking Football Club has also referred the matter to Surrey Police.

"This kind of behaviour is repulsive and deplorable to all proper fans of football. It has no place in football or at Kingfield."

Mansfield keeper Alan Marriott, who allegedly suffered a small cut, tweeted: "Something defo came through the window and got me!"

But he also said he didn't believe the object used to smash the glass was a brick.

Mansfield manager Paul Cox said: "Thankfully Alan was facing the other direction and only suffered a small cut. The shards of glass were huge and someone could have been blinded or scarred for life."

Cox claimed he had also been spat at and said: “It went straight into my eye. I wouldn’t accept that on the street so I am not accepting that just because I am a football manager."

Bradley Bubb's 69th-minute penalty cancelled out Louis Briscoe's strike but Matt Jones popped up with a winner 13 minutes from time to leave Woking empty handed.