A WESTFIELD man is to be recognised for his services to the community.

Anthony Loveridge will receive a prestigious British Citizen Award (BCA), which recognises exceptional individuals who have a positive impact on their communities throughout the UK.

Anthony, 74, has volunteered for Sea Cadets for more than five decades, during which time he has also worked for more than 35 years with The Royal British Legion.

“I’m well chuffed with the award,” Anthony said. “I can remember when I first went to Sea Cadets. It was 1 November 1959, and I’ve been involved ever since.

“I joined Kingston and stayed there for 25 years as a cadet and officer, before I moved to district level.”

He is also a grass-roots football referee assessor, having only stopped officiating games in 2015.

Anthony’s time with a whistle has stood him in good stead for one of his particular skills with Sea Cadets – conflict resolution.

Calm and methodical, with an ability to meet individuals in an informal way, Anthony has an enviable record of finding a suitable outcome.

“It’s give and take,” Anthony said. “Sometimes both people have to give a bit, other times one side has to give rather more than the other. Then again sometimes you think the whole situation may need a revamp.

“I was in the same line when I worked for British Airways. It’s funny how it all fits together.”

As parade marshal for The Royal British Legion, Anthony prides himself on ensuring that the events under his direction are conducted with a precision and dignity appropriate to the occasion – and is always conscious of upholding the reputation of the Legion.

“It’s all been such great fun,” Anthony said. “I could never have done it without the support of Jane, my wife of 47 years. And I’m immensely proud that my children also followed me into the Sea Cadets.

“There may come a day when I’ll feel like retiring, but while the brain is agile I’ll carry on.

“I get so much pleasure from watching people who have been cadets under me make their way in the Royal Navy.

“And, of course, keeping the friendships I’ve forged over the years.”

Anthony should have received his BCA Medal of Honour award, now in its eighth year, last week, but the presentation has been postponed until 24 March at the Palace of Westminster.

“This year’s medal winners have reminded us of how many amazing people are supporting our communities, especially during such a challenging time,” said Jonny McQuarrie from One Stop, the convenience stores operator and one of BCA’s partners.