New legislation will pave the way for self-driving vehicles in the UK later this year – and scientists and experts led by the University of Surrey have launched a new network to ensure the new technology is safely implemented.

The MASSDRIVE (Methods for Assurance of Self-Driving Vehicles) project has been funded by Innovate UK to help the country and industry develop robust methods of approving and certifying self-driving cars as they become available.

Professor Saber Fallah, co-investigator on the project, said: "MASSDRIVE is all about bringing together industry, scientists, regulators, and the public to begin a conversation about how we can make self-driving cars safe for our roads.

"By having regular discussions, workshops and meetings, we're creating a space where everyone can share ideas and good ways of doing things, focusing particularly on making sure the AI in cars is trustworthy."

MASSDRIVE is a collaboration between the universities of Surrey, the West of England and Bristol.