THERE was no hiding from the keen senses of police dog Ludo during an incident in Woking yesterday.

PD Ludo helped officers track down a man believed to be after scrap metal who had entered an abandoned building on Thursday.

"Officers managed to contain the outside of the multi-storey property on Chertsey Road, while dog handler PC George Larkin and PD Ludo entered," said a Surrey Police spokesman.

"PD Ludo used his expert honing skills to track the suspect to the top floor where he was soon found hiding in a loft crawl space at the top of the central stairwell near the roof access."

Up on the roof itself, the police dog went on to find a drill hidden under a slab. A 49-year-old man from Woking was arrested on suspicion of burglary and has since been released under investigation.

PC Larkin said: “This has been a great start to the new year for Ludo and I’m very proud of him for his hard work and skill when it comes to searching for suspects.”